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The Uprising was a Project that started with the Portuguese brothers Filipe & Andy C. Gordilho with the name Bleeding Hate in the beginning of the years 2003, after Filipe left his previous band "Aliengates", At the end of July 2003, Filipe and Andy C. Gordilho released their first demo with five tracks on their own, using drum computer, entitled "Genesis of Evil", including the "The Uprising" live Hits "Sacred Demon" (that was the first song composed for the Band) and "Stabbing the Dead" and the instrumental acoustic guitar song "This Last Restless Moment". This Demo brought uncountable good critics from the listeners. Chimerathor (André Thöny), who was also the Singer and Guitarist in the band "TripledeatH", joined the band in October 2003 as Bass Guitarist and has shown his capacities and creativity. Alex Bertschi, who is the ex-"Floating Point" and ex-"Chaindrive" Guitarist, joined the band one month later. Alex who is one big "Slayer" fan joined the Band and brought some other influences, as it all seemed to fit, "The Uprising" became a little of his own, creating its own music style. They did quite a few concerts with this line up and a new Demo entitled "The dark Alliance" with another five new songs and the 2005 version of "Sacred Demon", on this Demo, they brought another couple of songs like "Bleeding Hate", "In Vain" and "Dead for a Day", still recorded with drum computer, which they also used on live performances. Joel Miserez came into the band to become the long searched Drummer, with him on the drums, the Band becam, a lot more power, dynamics and the perfect live spirit. He brought the groove and energy that were still missing on the Band. "The Uprising" took a more than a half year break after they left their old rehearsal room in December 2006. Chimerathor decided to leave the Band in February 2007, because he moved away. Even so, they decided to come back in August 2007 after the break with the actual name "The Uprising", ready to start all over again with a whole lot of fresh ideas and a whole load of new energy. Markuz Rebelo came to replace Chimerathor in February 2008, but his presence in the band was not to last long, in December he had to leave the Band giving place to the original Line up with Chimerathor back on Bass Guitar. On Juli 2011 Andy C. Gordilho left the band because of some personal differences. Soon Andi Sager joined in proving to be a very talented Death Metal singer with deep growls that gave The Uprising sound a new character and dynamics...